Hey there, my name is Kit. (Students address me as Ms. Kit)

I have been teaching for the past 13 years in school and tutoring. It is my blessings to have been in both areas of education. Teaching in school requires classroom management and being systematic which is an area I consciously have to improve on. Tutoring allows me to give individual attention to each student and dig deep into the challenges they face. The challenges students face can be due to their foundation on the subject, poor habits or their mindsets about themselves.

Through these experiences, I have discovered my passion – learning.  I find it a fascinating process how human learn and behave (including how I learn).

For me, I am an avid learner. Learning new things and re-learning what I thought I knew. Learning about learning and how to learn new things, how it feels like to be a beginner, the mindset of learning, how to persevere to improve and how I can use my experience to guide my students through their learning.

13 years on,  I realized every child and everyone can learn new things and do well. Anytime, anywhere.

The key ingredients lie in Time and Effort (Grit).  Probably Someone to nudge them along.

” Life is learning & learning is life – Have fun” – Kit

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