When your child struggles.

I can sense the anxiety, frustration, helplessness, worries in parents’ voice when they tell me…… My son is failing/barely passing Physics. I am not sure what is his weakness. He is unsure what he is doing wrong. My daughter said she studied very hard for Physics but she is not able to do the questions […]

Lovely Reads

These are books I have read and enjoyed thoroughly. Power of now & Road less travelled created a shift in me that I could not describe. My perspective was never the same again. Kit’s bookshelf: read Exploring the Eternal Soul – Insights from the Life Between Lives by Andy Tomlinson Comforting to read and makes […]

Music that improves focus

Many students wants to do well and improve their grades work harder – longer hours, more practices and read textbook repetitively. How about improving the environment the students are studying in? For example, using scents and music. Imagine. When we go for a relaxing massage, lavender/lemongrass essential oil with soothing instrumental music enhances the experience. Can […]

Forces that causes rotation. Must have a pivot.

I am writing on this topic because it is briefly mentioned in the Lower Secondary Science Syllabus and this topic has been removed from some assessment books.  However, some schools continue to test this in Secondary 1 and 2 as this is also a topic that will be covered in Upper Secondary Physics/Science-Physics. I hope this […]

Diffusion and Osmosis Application Question

Part 2 is a continuation of  Diffusion and Osmosis Theory Learning objectives specified from the Ministry of Education for this chapter. Hence concept of diffusion and osmosis is usually tested together with Transport in Living Things. Let’s look at 3 types of question. Question 1  Students may initially feel lost with such questions. The question does […]

Diffusion and Osmosis Theory

1. Begin with the concept of diffusion related to how particles of a substance spread out.  [I will not dwell on traditional definition that is available from the textbook. Do make the connection between the definition and the concept/idea.] 2. Make it a concrete experience and allow the child to visualize particles movement. Can you think of […]

Learn to learn

We learn Mathematics, English, Science, History, Music….. etc. “Hold on a minute. Have we ever learnt how to learn?”   A few days ago, a student, Cindy*, who needed help on Physics met up with me for a one to one consultation session. She has failed Physics for most of Secondary 3 except for the […]